What is LIPIDr?

LIPIDr is yet another desktop blog client. It allows you to publish blog posts from your desktop without using the browser.

It offers some advanced features like an integrated FTP-Uploader or an automatic social bookmark generator.

And best: It’s free!


Why yet another client?

I’m a web addict who runs several blogs. Updating all those blogs is a real pain if you have to use the built in web interfaces.

So I tried many desktop clients like w.bloggar or blogdesk. But they didn’t offer what i wanted. I don’t need fancy wysiwyg-editors nor wordprocessor grade editors. I just need a simple html-editor and comfortable uploading and linking features.

Thus I created LIPIDr. It was intended to be really small and simple – and it is!


LIPIDr offers some nice features to improve your work flow:

      – Fast creation of html-tags by using key shortcuts.


      – No WYSIWYG Editor. Just plain HTML.


      – Generate .flv Embed code with just one Keypress


      – Automatic posting of your new blog entry to mr-wong. (More 2.0 Sites will be supported in the near future.)


      – Built in FTP-Upload client.


      – Management of multiple blogs. Each with its own profile.

System Requirements

All Features are only aviable on WordPress Blogs!
S9Y, Nucleus and Movable Type are also supported but not all features will work!

LIPIDr works on Windows 2k, XP and Vista.
It doesn’t require much memory nor CPU – but it needs an internet connection!

LIPIDr needs:

      – A blog that supports XMLRPC and the metaweblog api. (WordPress, S9Y, MT)


      – Windows 2k/XP/Vista


      – .NET Framework 2.0 installed (will be installed by setup if not found!)


      – 500 MHZ CPU


      – 128 MB RAM


    – An Internet Connection


May 2016 Reader Preferences: The Most Recommended Torrent Websites

The random list below shows a compilation of reader’s commendations.


1. RARBG.to: Dedicated for P2P fanatics who are sober for their file sharing. It’s concentrated on digital quality torrents rather than high quantities. Of course, this site is not for everybody especially when you try looking at the file sizes. Just remember that membership here is not free.





2. Demonoid.pw: This secluded private affiliation community has long existed but resurrected itself at this new domain name. It’s a very prominent place to obtain files and be kept informed on whichever torrents to bypass.




3. KAT.cr: Regarding size, selection and community, this site is debatably the only best public torrent site. However, be extra careful on two major things: you’ll likely get annoyed of adult advertising, and it’s overwhelmed by clickjacking occurrences and third party malware that could infect your computer. Pornographic ads could be removed once joined as a free member. And if you have a good habit of your computer’s system maintenance, KAT will be an excellent choice!




4. Bitport.io: Coined in the Czech Republic but won’t provide any torrents for you. Instead, it will only download torrents for you into their private servers. You can already download finished files to your computer once they’re fully transferred to their servers. You have a maximum allowable 100 MB data per hour transfer using a free version and for faster transfer speed you’ll need to subscribe to it.




5. Torlock: It’s somewhat special because they provide commissions for their users who uncover fake torrents. Considering a lot of downloadable but elusive files, Torlock is truly a terrific help. Give it a try if you’re a regular downloader who doesn’t want any efforts got wasted and one who gets rid of phony files or data.




6. Boxopus: It’s a resemblance of bitport.io, a third party cloud downloader. Using it for week charges you $1.50 or $50 per year. Also, take note that you can’t integrate it with Dropbox since it blocks Boxopus torrents. Despite this limitation, there are still very convenient features here that some readers admire. Its price is also practical especially when you plan your downloads for a week-long access to its optimum capacity.




7. btstorr.com: It’s long been around in the file sharing world. Like KAT, this site also contains annoying pop-ups and porn advertising but undeniably offers a concrete archive of torrents. It features very recent torrents and demonstrates various browsing selections at a glimpse.

8. ExtraTorrent.com: This site is very visual and busy. Nevertheless, the thumbnails and data information from this site are fantastic and lets you experience its browsing-friendly feature for discovering movies and music artists.




9. Toorgle.com: This site is a torrent metasearch engine patterned after Google technology. Expect that like other meta search engines; you’ll receive searches results from a variety of other search services on the web. Toorgle retrieves files location for you like a matchmaking facility. It’s easy to use and can assist you to discover sporadic torrents. Just take a time to check your torrent reviews before you download.




10. SeedPeer.au: It has a gigantic database, about over 3 million torrent files waiting for you. It has simple search interface where keyword cloud map serves as a means of discovering movies, television shows, and music artists. You’ve got to try it. Enthusiasts are outspoken about it.




11. Isohunt.to: Isohunt is another resurrected site after getting shut down by MPAA on the 17th of October 2013. That was several years ago! With its new domain name in a new country, let’s upkeep this long been existed victor of P2P file sharing.




12. Torrent Funk: Torrent Funk is a tremendously prominent torrent search engine site that now supports commenting. “Verified Status Tagging” is also supported by this search site which some customers opt to comment. But the disadvantage is the difficulty to discern its interface between sponsored ads and the real torrent links. Though take for an advantage its pleasing layout that most people highly recommend as worth trying.


I’m Moving to Los Angeles

I’m moving to Los Angeles, and I’m very excited about it. I’ll be attending the LA Film School for film and sound editing.

Look, there numerous relocating firms in the Los Angeles area and I’ve called MANY MANY places to see which one was the best.

Here are some tips for moving to Los Angeles that may help you along your way.

Keep Your Stuff Together!
Insist on maintaining stuff together when you or the movers are loading boxes. Maintain bookends with books, light bulbs with lights, as well as expansion cables with home appliances. Small, loose parts can be affixed to the item they come from with tape or put in tiny envelopes– to keep photo hooks with images, rack braces with a cabinet, an unique wrench and also screws with the wall surface device.

Fill Up That Suitcase!

Fill up travel luggage as well as duffle bags with apparel, sheets, towels, and also paper goods. Even for local moves you’ll be able to rapidly find your navy travel suitcase holding your preferred sweaters, whereas “Box # 189” might stay elusive for days.

Individual Plastic boxes.
Use brilliantly colored storage space lug boxes, one for each and every person. Let each family member fill theirs with products they’ll want ‘right away’ in the brand-new residence– a set of sheets, a towel, a couple of expansion cables, a phone, nightlights, address book, pens as well as paper, secrets, kleenex, and also travel cosmetic situation, and so forth. Seriously, you can even rent plastic bins so you don’t waste paper boxes.

Find a Specialized Piano Mover

I’m taking my piano with me so it’s best to find a local piano mover in los angeles such as Piano Movers HQ that knows what they are doing. These guys are seriously the best.

Relocating may not be the most fun you’ve ever had, but planning ahead will go a long method toward making the process bearable. Trust me on this one.