Apps to Try Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has taken the technology world by a storm when it offered a more realistic experience of the virtual world. Different companies have developed their own versions and apps that go with their virtual reality gadgets.

If you want to try your hand in new virtual reality technology, you can use a make- shift VR goggles out of cardboard which is designed by Google. You don’t need to shell out a lot of money to test the waters of virtual reality. There are also available apps that you can try with your VR cardboard goggles. Check the apps below and try out if you and VR is a match for each other.

First off, Google Cardboardvrapp1

Of course, after releasing the design of cardboard, they also released their own app to try and have your first virtual reality experience. The good thing about their app is their releasing new videos for your VR cardboard every week.


Our favorite video- streaming app / website will not be left behind as they release their own video that you can try with your virtual reality glasses. Also, they released 360° videos that you can watch with your VR headset.

Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Storyvrapp3

If you want to know how horror film will feel and look like in virtual reality, try your hand in this app and see if your heart can handle the virtual reality experience version of horror.

VRSE  vrapp4.1

This offers more variety when it comes to materials to watch in virtual reality. You can check their short films and stories as well as music videos and mini documentaries that show the beauty of the world.

Seene vrapp5

This app lets you shoot your own 360° video and view it in your VR gear. This provides more flexibility to its user as they can record their own content and experience it in virtual reality.

Jaunt VR vrapp6

Aside from short clips and serious- themed videos, Jaunt VR also offers live performances from different artists like Paul McCartney while ABC News that shows report from Syria can also be viewed through this app.

InCell VR vrapp7

This app offers a fun way of learning through looking inside a human cell. The developers turned the educational app into a game where you need to outrun the virus wave as to not get infected. This is known as one of the best educational app yet available in virtual reality.