What is LIPIDr?

LIPIDr is yet another desktop blog client. It allows you to publish blog posts from your desktop without using the browser.

It offers some advanced features like an integrated FTP-Uploader or an automatic social bookmark generator.

And best: It’s free!


Why yet another client?

I’m a web addict who runs several blogs. Updating all those blogs is a real pain if you have to use the built in web interfaces.

So I tried many desktop clients like w.bloggar or blogdesk. But they didn’t offer what i wanted. I don’t need fancy wysiwyg-editors nor wordprocessor grade editors. I just need a simple html-editor and comfortable uploading and linking features.

Thus I created LIPIDr. It was intended to be really small and simple – and it is!


LIPIDr offers some nice features to improve your work flow:

      – Fast creation of html-tags by using key shortcuts.


      – No WYSIWYG Editor. Just plain HTML.


      – Generate .flv Embed code with just one Keypress


      – Automatic posting of your new blog entry to mr-wong. (More 2.0 Sites will be supported in the near future.)


      – Built in FTP-Upload client.


      – Management of multiple blogs. Each with its own profile.

System Requirements

All Features are only aviable on WordPress Blogs!
S9Y, Nucleus and Movable Type are also supported but not all features will work!

LIPIDr works on Windows 2k, XP and Vista.
It doesn’t require much memory nor CPU – but it needs an internet connection!

LIPIDr needs:

      – A blog that supports XMLRPC and the metaweblog api. (WordPress, S9Y, MT)


      – Windows 2k/XP/Vista


      – .NET Framework 2.0 installed (will be installed by setup if not found!)


      – 500 MHZ CPU


      – 128 MB RAM


    – An Internet Connection