How to Start a Blog from Scratch

bloggingIt’s fun to have your own blog as you can be connected with other people who has the same ideas, interests and passion. You might find yourself jumping to the first thought that comes to your mind in terms of starting your blog but there actually some things that you need to consider first before jumping into front of your computer and type the day away. Check below the list of the things that you need to check out on your list.

Determine your target audience

You need to be sure who are you writing for. You have to know what are the things that they like, can relate to, the things they don’t like and the things that they want to have information from. This is very important as they will be one of the major factor for your blog to succeed.

Find your best niche

It is something that you can talk or write about even with your eyes closed. Find a topic you enjoy the most and you can write about for hours. The more you know about the topic, the better. You will also be confident in talking about your chosen niche because you know what you’re talking about. Since your reader has the same interest, they will know if you actually know the topic and “gaining their trust” will lead to higher chances of shares and likes.

Keywords are needed

Putting in long tail keywords to your blog can help its visibility especially through search engines. Including the “camera” keyword is not that good but putting in “best camera for beginners” then we’re talking. Most of the people who search about a certain topic usually types in a whole phrase or sentence and if your keywords are all included in searcher’s question, then your chances of hitting the first page significantly increases.

Find your reader’s pulse

Though you have found the niche that you’re comfortable writing about, you should still consider the topics that your reader actually wants to see or know more about. This is quite explanatory. If you have something they want, why would they go to someone else, right? Also, if you find something interesting that you think your reader might be interested with, trust your gut feel and introduce it to your blog. It’s part of taking risk and trying to come up with fresh ideas to get your reader’s loyalty and readership.

Have patience

Having a successful blog does not happen overnight. You should give it time to breathe and establish itself while providing more content as you go along. Also, you can use social media to increase its visibility as it is one of the most effective method of advertisement. You can search for groups, forums, and pages that has the same niche or theme so you will have a chance to share your blog to like- minded people. Most importantly, have fun! Yes, there are people who use blogging for money but you should genuinely like it so you will be more effective in writing about the topics that you want to feature.